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Get your kids excited about learning with fun bug games and activities. The activities and games below encourage kids to imagine bugs in new and creative ways with mazes, activity sheets and coloring pages.



Incredible Natural Superpowers

Learn about 10 incredible insect abilities.

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Most Valuable Bugs

Learn about “all-star” creatures and their unique athletic skills.

Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Draw a Lady Bug

Learn to draw a ladybug with step-by-step directions.


Use our guides to create your own unique insect.

Insect Safari Maze

Make your way through the maze and find all the insects.

Insect ID Guide

Use our guides to discover the different insects around you.

Mouse vs. Rat

Mice and rats are different in many ways. See if you can spot them.

I Spy Bed Bugs

Hunt for bed bugs in some of their hiding places.

Stink Bug Maze

Help the stink bug travel through a maze from Japan to the United States.

Hungry Ant

Conduct an experiment to test which foods ants enjoy the most.



Pumpkin Carving

Use these stencils to create your own spooky pumpkin.

Fly Vision

Create a compound insect eye that will help you see the world the unique way flies do.


Learn about the parts of a spider by building one of your own.

Mosquito Buzz

Learn about the sound mosquitoes make by building your own buzzing bug.

Build a Beehive

Construct a model beehive using a few simple supplies.

Coloring Sheets

Coloring Sheets


Stink Bug

Bed Bug



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