How do I stop mice from getting inside the house?

Question: I have lived in the same house for almost 10 years and never had mice, until recently. I heard on the news our city is infested with mice but we have bought the kill traps and have trapped and killed about 13 mice. We keep finding holes where they are chewing through baseboards and still have mice in the home. I have children and I'm curious how effective your services are for getting rid of mice once and for all.

Answer: Fall is the season for mice to enter houses and other buildings. Thirteen mice in one house is a lot, and that may not be all of them. What you need to do now is to go outside (and in the garage if it is attached to the house) and try to determine where they are entering.

Sealing entry points is the first step in getting control. Mice can enter or enlarge a hole that is the size of a nickel. Once their entry is blocked you can concentrate on removing the ones inside. The local branch office can provide mouse control. Contact them directly.

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