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Preserve Frozen Treats for Delivery, not Pests

Operating a 500,000 square foot facility 24 hours a day might seem daunting, but for J&J Snack Foods Corp. it’s just another day at the office. The company serves as manufacturer, marketer and distributor of snack foods and beverages for the food service and food retail industries. J&J Snack Foods makes some of the most popular frozen treats at your local grocery store, including soft pretzels, Italian ice, funnel cakes and cookies. If those treats sound appetizing to you, they’re even more attractive to pests. Luckily, J&J Snack Foods’ partnership with Orkin helps keep products secure and pests at bay. We spoke with Bill Craddick, plant manager for J&J Snack Foods in Vernon, Calif., about the importance of responsiveness in pest control. Following is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why did you choose Orkin?

“Unfortunately we’re not in a brand-new building, so the facility lends itself to problems with pests. That’s why it was essential to have such a dedicated and experienced pest management team on our side. Our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist always does a great job of pointing out areas where we might experience pest pressures – like cracks in walls where pests might slip inside, or electrical panels that might provide opportunities for harborage.”

How would you describe your partnership with Orkin?

“Orkin is at a phone calls notice. If we find evidence of pests or we need help with the program, we pick up the phone and our Pest Specialist is available. That kind of customer service goes a long way. We also asked Orkin to join our quarterly meetings, so we can ensure all of their recommendations are addressed and that we’re staying proactive about pest management. Not only is our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist involved, but the management at the local Orkin branch regularly checks in to provide support.”

How does Orkin work with your staff to help prevent pests?

“We have a pest monitoring card system at the facility that works well. If anyone sees a pest or an issue contributing to pests, they can fill out a form. Our Pest Specialist then reviews all the information and provides suggestions. We also held a cross-department staff training with the production staff, sanitation staff, QA staff, freezer and receiving end staff, and warehouse staff to make sure everyone was aware of and on board with our pest management program.”

How does Orkin help you prepare for audits?

“Before our most recent audit, Orkin came in and did a walk through with us to prepare. We just received the results, and our facility was certified “Excellent,” which is extremely important to the success of our business. Orkin made sure that all our documentation was up-to-date and accurate, which was a big factor in helping us achieve such a high score. We know we can count on Orkin to be available before, during and even after our audits.”


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