Boric Acid and Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle

In the event of a severe carpet beetle infestation, there are several effective treatments. Vacuuming before treatment may remove potential carpet beetle food sources. Boric acid and other residuals might be applied to cracks and crevices. It is required by the government to follow product label instructions. Potentially treatable areas include behind baseboards, cracks, crevices and moldings.

Misapplied boric acid solutions may cause damage to property and could prove harmful to humans and pets. While some homeowners are comfortable applying their own boric acid solutions, many people prefer to allow pest control professionals to address a carpet beetle infestation since they are trained in proper application techniques and are equipped to efficiently deal with the pests.

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Boric Acid and Carpet Beetles

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Carpet Beetle Larvae Around the House

Carpet Beetle Damage and Problems

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