Stink Bugs and Cedar Spray

Basic Information

Many homeowners and gardeners look for ways to keep stink bugs away without having to kill them. Many people wonder if cedar spray can be an effective tool for repelling stink bugs.

Control Methods

Cedar has been used as an insect repellent for many years. People have built cedar closets in their homes. They have also used cedar hangers and put cedar blocks in dresser drawers to keep moths away from their clothes.

Some studies suggest that the cedar repels insects because of the smell of the cedar oil. However, other studies suggest that the cedar might only work in a confined area, like a closet.

Challenges of Control

While some repellency to cedar might exist, it is not very effective at repelling an invasion of overwintering stink bugs. Many homeowners prefer to use mechanical methods to prevent stink bugs from invading their homes. They feel that it is cheaper and less frustrating than trying to get rid of stink bugs after they have invaded. Here are some steps that can help.

Around the home, inspect for cracks and openings that stink bugs might use as entryways. Seal cracks around doors and windows with caulking. Use screen to protect vents in attics and crawl spaces. Use weather stripping to seal gaps under exterior doors.

In the late summer and fall, inspect the yard. Remove boards, boxes and other clutter where stink bugs could hide during the winter. Move firewood away from the house and stack it on a rack. Trim weeds and grass, even around fences and drainage ditches.

These steps will help ensure that stink bugs do not spend the winter inside or around the home. The result will be fewer stink bugs next spring.

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